Hong Kong is the ultimate source for video game products covering the entire spectrum from low to high tech. As South China’s most valued port, you can expect us to carry all the third party products which are produced beyond the Chinese hinterland. The bulk of Japanese made products are mediated through our service based economy. All our staff are educated in Europe allowing those linguistic and cultural barriers to be battered down. This myriad of factors can only sum up to a potent force in the game exporting field.
Company Profile And Our Mission

To provide our customers with superior service and quality of products at the lowest price. Our company has always been doing wholesaling of videogames accessories, exporting to many countries worldwide. Our prices are so competitive that it is lower than the suggested retail price in Japan.

As wholesaling has always been our primary business, we are now offering wholesale prices direct to end user. We will beat or match any advertised prices. We will also beat or match any wholesale price quoted by any company.

Unlike other Hong Kong based online retailers who buys from Hong Kong retail shops. We get products from factories directly and due to our good relationship with them, our prices are always the most competitive. Most Chinese factories do not work with foreigners as there is a language barrier. Our company have personnel that can communicate in English, Mandarin and three different Chinese dialects. We provide the best link between customers and factories.
How Reliable is Hong Kong Toys ?
We are located in the most prestigious building in ShumShuiPo, home of the videogame industry worldwide. Most Hong Kong based online retailers work from home or some unknown location. They could disappear tomorrow with their customer’s money and will not be able to be traced. Most of them also have no actual business registration and just pretend that they are a big firm. We invite customers to visit us and not give excuses for avoiding customers to come.

Hong Kong Toys Reassures You

Ordering form Hong Kong is safer than ordering from anywhere else

Mail ordering from Hong Kong could not be easier nor safer. Our focus is on low mark-ups and high volume hence we are not in the habit of accepting credit cards. Purchasing from the Internet need not be a hazard either, we must place our focus on the status of the company at the other end of the line rather than the method of payment. Indeed only Hong Kong sellers are worldwide suppliers with a potential market consisting of Japan, USA and Europe. Only we supply the inexpensive third party products which are highly demanded around the world, at the same time these are the exact products which are displacing the demand for Japanese products. That kind of scope is the factor that disciplines any rational business to focus on the longer term goal:- this is your guarantee of an honest, fast & reliable service unparalleled by no-one in the world.

Online retailers must be a respectable company and not a fly-by-night company. Company must be registered in the country that it is based in. Please note that there are many online retailers who are not registered as a company and is doing business illegally online.

As wholesaling has always been our primary business, We will also beat or match any wholesale price quoted by any company. Advertised price must be proven, please provide URL , We mean what we say.

Our new Products are Frequently Updated !Always 1st hand info from the heart of Asia , Style , Elegance , Charisma conjured by Hong Kong Toys.